Export boards from 2.4.1 to 3+

If your boards are not in dropbox, here's the recommended solution to get your boards from versions 2.4.1 to 3+

Send via Email.

1. Go to the older version of Corkulous and navigate to your board you would like.
2. Click the share button.
3. Select send via email.
4. Select the 3rd item for sending a board.
5. In the next screen, select the first item in attaching to your email.
6. Send the email to yourself.  Make sure you can see the email on the same device.
7.  In the email you receive, long press the attachment, which will bring up the share manager.
8.  Swipe left and select Copy to Corkulous.


3.0.4 Released

- Easier to manage collection screen.  Swipe left to see options to delete dropbox collections or reset your iCloud collection.
- Collections can be viewed and used if you are not subscribed.  If your subscription lapses, you can still see your old boards.  They will be read only and export will be turned off.
- iCloud and Dropbox are included in settings, which means you may unlink your dropbox and see metadata in settings.  You may also reset iCloud as well.
- A few bugs addressed.

3.0.3 Released

Our latest release is a round of bug fixes for iCloud sync.  Corked Labs recommends using our Dropbox collections cause Dropbox backs up and versions your files (if you have a paid version, not sure about free).   Anyhow, the latest version (3.0+) does expose the corkulous files to your iCloud folder.  Thus they are available on your desktop.  They are there for a reason.  TO BE BACKED UP.  Technology is imperfect and you should always try to prevent data loss by backing up your files.

3.0.2 Released

3.0.2 has been released. Here are the notes:

  • Fixed a crashing bug when using colors on notes, arrows and cards older iOS devices.
  • Fixed several dropbox sync issues.
  • Updated to Dropbox 3.0.API.

Our next releaser 3.0.3 is already on deck.  It fixes a few iCloud sync problems.  We think we will be through the must fix issues, and will start addressing some user requests.

  • App v. Board security.
  • Full text export of a board. 
  • Photo galleries when you tap on a photo on a board.

We will also be addressing some business customers.  If you are interested in distributing Corkulous over your MDM, please Contact Us.

Corkulous 3.0 To Be Released

Corkulous has been acquired from the founders of Appigo, and is under new management (Corked Labs, LLC). We have been working on modernizing the app for the past several months. We understand the current version is having issues, but it's out of our control. We will not be able to update your current apps as they cannot be transferred from Appigo's account. We will provide a link when the app comes online within a week. Obviously, that's based on Apple accepting the app without issues. The new app is subscription based, and you may subscribe for monthly or yearly increments. We have fixed a number of flaws and the app now has modern features, including Touch Id, iPad multitasking, multi iPhone resolutions and many more. We look forward to making this app even better.