Corkulous 6.0 Release

Our largest release ever. Corkulous adds many of iOS 13’s features and Link Previews and PDF’s.

- iOS 13 ready.

- Long press a board in home for a context menu.

- Dark mode support.

- Multi window support.

- Side drawer which supports item creation, editing and settings.

- PDF’s now supported.

- New Link previews (bookmarks are deprecated).

- New icon.

- Photo compression setting.

- Hide photo border setting.

- Hide shadows.

- Mulit-node edit.

- New font panel.

- New emoji picker.

- Design updates.

5.2 Released

- Three styles of grids for boards and sketches.
- Draw perfect triangles, rectangles, and ovals.
- Drag and drop or add and resize images to sketches.
- Lasso tool for sketch. Cut and resize.
- Messages for beginning, center and end of strings.
- Settings for sketch line width and marker transparency.
- Several new settings for double-tap in sketches.
- More streamlining the interface.
- Bug fixes.

5.1 Release

  • New iPad Pro’s are supported.

  • Double tap the Apple Pencil to select next tool in Sketch mode.

  • You can now make sketch backgrounds transparent.

  • Rotation available for notecard, sketch photo, sticky and label.

  • We added a handy delete button in the left hand corner to all board items.

  • You can now change the boarder stroke on shapes to dotted, dashed or full.

  • We added a X and O shapes.

  • We now fully load the board when opening. For older devices we have a setting (in board settings) to turn this off.


  • We now include the String node.

  • We are now including a portrait and landscape board resolution.

  • We now allowing multiple dropbox folders.

  • Several bug fixes pointed out by our users.

5.0 Released

The most ambitious version of Corkulous yet has been released. With support for markdown, shapes, strings/lines.

- iOS 12 and iPhone XS Max ready.
- We now support Markdown for text formatting. Please take a look at the Sample or New features board created for you. We’ve including tools to help generate markdown. You can now add images, URL’s, bold, italic, headers, font colors, lists, quotes, etc…
- New shape node. We have over 40 shapes from you to choose from, including all ANSI based flowchart shapes.
- Strings have a new inspector when you double tap on them.
- Strings can change to lines in the inspector. You can now have differing pins or arrows at the beginning and end of each string.
- Strings/lines can be continued. At the end just long press for a few seconds and drag out a new string/line.
- Pull a string/line from an item after long pressing it.
- When selecting 2 items and hitting the pin button, the line is more intelligently placed.
- You can place a message on a string/line.
- New Font editing tools.
- We have increased the sizes of fonts, photos, and stickies.
- You can now drop a PNG on the board with transparency and it will show without a frame.
- We added some holiday themed background tiles.
- Numerous bug fixes.
- Corkulous Edu is using the same codebase and pushed to version 5.

4.3 Released

New Features 4.3

Sketch Board - Add a sketch/notes to board with Apple Pencil support.

  • 5 tools: Pen, pencil, marker, brush and eraser. Pen and brush support force touch with Apple Pencils.

  • You can change the color or add a tile to the sketch background.

  • Multiple color pallet.

  • Undo/Redo with keyboard strokes.

  • Share and clear tools.

  • We help you create a straight line by drawing something close to straight.

  • We help you create perfect circles by drawing something close.

  • There are settings to turn off straighten lines and prefect circles.

Board features

  • There is now an option to use the files app when adding a photo to the board.

  • You can now turn off board frames app wide in board settings.

  • We fixed an issue with locking boards.

  • We now display images/photos at the correct resolution (we used to display low resolution because we were only loading enough pixels for a 1x device, even on 2x and 3x devices)

4.0 Released

New Features

- Bookmarks
Create beautiful bookmarks with just a URL. Link previews just like in social media and messages.  

- Emoji
Everyone loves Emojis! Drop as many as you like on the board. You can use the knob to pull to enlarge or rotate. They are also sticky!

- Strings
Everyone has been demanding this for years. It’s here! We also included a toolbar item to pin two nodes together.  

- iOS 11 Drag/Drop support
Drag in images, bookmarks, contacts and text. We included a setting so you can set a node for the text being dragged in (Ask is the best!). Also, drag in an Apple note with a checklist, and watch a list of tasks be created. Drag out boards to create exported corkulous files or images and text to other apps. You just became 100 times more productive! 

- You can now export boards as text. We also fixed image export, which is now PNG.

- In the board settings, you can now lock boards, turn off guides and set a tile/color background for a board.

- 100's of bug fixes.

- Open iCloud/Dropbox files in the files app

We are not done. This is just the start. There are many features on our list to add in the future. Send us yours!