Professional/Classroom Feature Map

Feature Professional Classrooom
Multi-Sized Boards Multiple resolutions One square resolution
Board Backgrounds Over 50 tiles included and Color picker Cork only
Lock Boards YES - includes Touch ID. NO
File Sharing iCloud file sharing
Dropbox with unlimited Folders
Dropbox - one folder
Makdown in Sticky/Note card YES - With tool support YES
Export PDF, PNG, Corkulous File, TXT PDF, PNG, Corkulous File
Drag and Drop on iPad Drag in images, text, links, emails, etc. Settings for choices to drop text as certain node. Drag out corkulous boards to export. NO
Stickies, Arrows, Note cards, Labels, Emojis and Todo's YES YES
Bookmarks YES - with messeages style previews NO
Strings YES - 6 color strings to choose from to connect nodes. NO
Sketch Yes with Apple Pencil Support NO
Search Filters and search term history Basic