5.0 Released

The most ambitious version of Corkulous yet has been released. With support for markdown, shapes, strings/lines.

- iOS 12 and iPhone XS Max ready.
- We now support Markdown for text formatting. Please take a look at the Sample or New features board created for you. We’ve including tools to help generate markdown. You can now add images, URL’s, bold, italic, headers, font colors, lists, quotes, etc…
- New shape node. We have over 40 shapes from you to choose from, including all ANSI based flowchart shapes.
- Strings have a new inspector when you double tap on them.
- Strings can change to lines in the inspector. You can now have differing pins or arrows at the beginning and end of each string.
- Strings/lines can be continued. At the end just long press for a few seconds and drag out a new string/line.
- Pull a string/line from an item after long pressing it.
- When selecting 2 items and hitting the pin button, the line is more intelligently placed.
- You can place a message on a string/line.
- New Font editing tools.
- We have increased the sizes of fonts, photos, and stickies.
- You can now drop a PNG on the board with transparency and it will show without a frame.
- We added some holiday themed background tiles.
- Numerous bug fixes.
- Corkulous Edu is using the same codebase and pushed to version 5.