4.3 Released

New Features 4.3

Sketch Board - Add a sketch/notes to board with Apple Pencil support.

  • 5 tools: Pen, pencil, marker, brush and eraser. Pen and brush support force touch with Apple Pencils.

  • You can change the color or add a tile to the sketch background.

  • Multiple color pallet.

  • Undo/Redo with keyboard strokes.

  • Share and clear tools.

  • We help you create a straight line by drawing something close to straight.

  • We help you create perfect circles by drawing something close.

  • There are settings to turn off straighten lines and prefect circles.

Board features

  • There is now an option to use the files app when adding a photo to the board.

  • You can now turn off board frames app wide in board settings.

  • We fixed an issue with locking boards.

  • We now display images/photos at the correct resolution (we used to display low resolution because we were only loading enough pixels for a 1x device, even on 2x and 3x devices)