4.0 Released

New Features

- Bookmarks
Create beautiful bookmarks with just a URL. Link previews just like in social media and messages.  

- Emoji
Everyone loves Emojis! Drop as many as you like on the board. You can use the knob to pull to enlarge or rotate. They are also sticky!

- Strings
Everyone has been demanding this for years. It’s here! We also included a toolbar item to pin two nodes together.  

- iOS 11 Drag/Drop support
Drag in images, bookmarks, contacts and text. We included a setting so you can set a node for the text being dragged in (Ask is the best!). Also, drag in an Apple note with a checklist, and watch a list of tasks be created. Drag out boards to create exported corkulous files or images and text to other apps. You just became 100 times more productive! 

- You can now export boards as text. We also fixed image export, which is now PNG.

- In the board settings, you can now lock boards, turn off guides and set a tile/color background for a board.

- 100's of bug fixes.

- Open iCloud/Dropbox files in the files app

We are not done. This is just the start. There are many features on our list to add in the future. Send us yours!